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Hot  rolled  and forged  structural  steel  bars
Cold  drawn  structural  steel  bars

About company

We sell hot rolled, forged and cold drawn structural steel round bars. We supply the material from our own stock in whole bars of production lengths or cut according to the customer's request. We also provide supplies of material from producers or from the warehouse of our business partners.

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About company

Why to cooperate with us

  • Material in stock
  • Experiences
  • Machinery equipment
  • Transportation solutions
  • Technical consultancy

1,000 tons in our warehouse in Ostrava and more than 100,000 tons in the warehouse of our partners with a delivery time of 3-5 working days.

Material in stock

We have been selling round bars since 2003 and since 2013 we have been operating our own warehouse. We have more than 700 active customers.

We own 3 modern band saws. We handle the material with two 5.0 t and 3.2 t cranes and a 2.5 t forklift.

Machinery equipment

We arrange the transportation of material to customers through our cooperating carriers or we send the material on pallets by a logistic companies.

Transportation solutions

We offer consultancy with material selection for your products. We have technical standards available for the materials we supply.

Our stock range

  • hot rolled and forged bars in grades S355J2, C45E, C60E, 16/20MnCr5, 16/20MnCr5+A, 42CrMo4+QT and partially 34CrNiMo6+QT up to maximum diameter D 410 mm
  • cold drawn bars in grades S355J2+C, C45+C and 11SMn30+C up to maximum diameter D 70 mm
Deliveries from our partners warehouse:
  • bars made of wide range of structural and tool steels up to maximum diameter D 900 mm and a maximum unit weight of 5 tonnes with the possibility of cutting

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Our stock range
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